Water Tank/ Sump Waterproofing

Water Proofing

Water Tank - Sump Water Proofing

Clean the surface througly to get eliminate all contaminats. take away all surface imperfections and repair with a chemical compound changed mortar mistreatment Dr,Fixit pidicrete URP.


1) Seal sanitary pipes getting into through the walls and floor with Dr.Fixit Bathseal Tape and grout the gaps with Dr.Fixit Bathseal Grout – a non shrink building material grout.
2) Apply the primary coat of Dr.Fixit Bathseal WPC within the sunken space and extend up to 150mm on the walls and higher than the finished floor level(FFL).


3) Apply the primary coat of Dr.Fixit Fastflex maintaining the saturated surface dry condition.
4) Emded a optical fibre mesh mensuration fifty gsm over the angle fillets as a reinforcing strip and permit it to soak utterly.
5) immediately apply the second coat of Dr.Fixit abstinence to Sandwich this glass fibre mesh between the coatings.
6) Apply the third coat of Dr.Fixit fastflex and Sprinkle coarse sand whereas it’s still wet. this may offer the Key for later plaster.
7) when application of the plaster, apply Dr.Fixit Safeguard for anti-microbial anti-fungal/anti-algae properties and to forestall the expansion of harmful parts within the internal space of potable water tanks.

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