Presure Grouting

Water Fooling

Presure Grouting

Pressure grouting waterproofing is additionally ordinarily apprehend as chemical pressure grouting.We have mentioned before several ancient recent ways and fashionable advance ways. This a standard recent methodology however the materials used for waterproofing keeps on dynamic . New advance chemicals with numerous properties square measure simply on the market within the market nowadays.

Pressure Grouting with CEBEX100 grout material at magnitude relation of 225gm/50kg cement/20lit of water to be superimposed up to flow in a position consistency. Thorough mix and grout with pressure grouting machine upto honey combs get stuffed, seal the nozzle with FOSROC RENDEROC PLUG to avoid mixture obtaining out.

The biggest advantage of this methodology is that it are often utilized in dry also as in wet surfaces. This waterproofing methodology is employed in numerous cases such as:

  • Rooftop block structures like podiums and car parks.
  • Joint of various pipes.
  • Pipe junctions and manholes.
  • Weeping hairline cracks.
  • Lift shaft walls and floors.
  • This methodology is additionally administrated on massive areas like reservoirs, dams, waste water treatment plants.
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