Duco Painting


It is used in Automotive industries to paint automobiles for both protective and decorative purposes. It is originally used only for painting automobiles, Duco is a premium quality air drying paint brand, which is used for painting all types of wood or metal surfaces. It is available in a matte and glossy finish.Duco paint is a premium quality air drying paint, which is ideal for all types of metal and wood surfaces. It dries off faster and has excellent colour retention, therefore, preferred by house painters. Its high solid content, excellent water resistance, self-leveling properties, and durability sets the house looking fresh and artistic. Duco paint is popular for its high gloss and matte finish in India. This is one of the premium finishes for any wooden and metal surface for a painting services project. Duco is being marketed by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) a  Duco paint was popular for the automobile finish but after the discovery of PU paint in the market, Duco falls in the demand in interior and architectural project for its superfine quality finish.

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